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Bamboo earbuds are an environment-friendly product from Bamboozone. The stem is made of bamboo instead of plastic, and eco-friendly cotton buds are an ideal choice to protect nature in a better way.

• The dual-tipped bamboo cotton earbuds are suitable for both adults and babies.
• It is 100% biodegradable earbuds with eco-friendly packing.
• The organic bamboo earbuds can be used daily and are ideal for cleaning ear wax and other uses.
• Tips are made using soft cotton; the eco-friendly cotton buds are safe and suitable for any skin.
• Gentle use is recommended.


• A natural bamboo product and a better alternative to polluting plastic buds.
• The tips are organic cotton, and the bamboo earbuds are compostable.
• It is strong and durable.
• The bamboo cotton earbuds are packaged with biodegradable material that encourages plastic-free, zero-waste living.
• Excellent for cleaning narrow spaces like keys of a laptop.


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